The Many Reasons To Install Window Guards

You have probably seen iron bars or window guards on many homes before. You might think that the only reason why you would want to install these window guards would be to prevent the home from being burglarized. While this is one of the reasons why these window guards are beneficial, it is hardly the only reason. There are many other reasons that you might not have thought of for wanting to install window guards on all of the windows in your home.

1. Security. There is no doubt that security is the main reason why these window guards are installed. It is harder to enter a home that has iron bars across the windows. These window guards also act as a deterrent. Most burglars try to get in and out as quickly as possible. If they see that there are bars on the windows, they will more than likely move to the next home instead of trying to get into yours. These bars might especially be a good idea if you live in an area that has a history of crime or burglary.

2. Safety. Another, often overlooked reason why these window guards would be useful is for safety. Around 5000 children sustain injuries related to falling out of windows each year. This could easily be prevented if these window guards were installed correctly. In fact, in many areas of the country such as New York City, these window guards are now mandatory for landlords. By installing these window guards you are ensuring that your children will not fall out of windows. You are also ensuring that other items do not fall out of the windows either which could break or cause damage.

3. Decoration. Another reason why you may want to install window guards would be for the ornate and decorative look that they provide. A wrought iron window guard offers all of the previous benefits but will also add a distinct beauty to the widows. These window guards can be made custom for your home. It makes the bars on the windows look less conspicuous and more beautiful.

These are just a few of the reasons why you might want to consider installing window guards on the windows in your home. Not only will they keep your home safer from intruders but they can protect children from inside falling out while also looking beautiful.  Contact a company like Bracci Fence Inc for more information.