4 Pool Safety Systems That Won't Spoil Your View

Drowning represents one of the leading causes of death in young children, so having proper pool safety systems in place is critical to protecting both your children and those who visit your home, or simply live nearby. While a fence around the whole yard can reduce your risk, many areas require separate pool fencing for added safety. Even in areas where dedicated pool fencing is not required, it's still a much more effective deterrent against accidental drowning than the fence around the perimeter of your yard.

Of course, while pool fencing offers obvious safety benefits, many are turned off by its appearance, and the way it detracts from the look of the landscape. Maximize the safety of your pool without spoiling your view of your backyard with these attractive pool safety systems. 

Glass-Panel Fencing

Tempered glass panels help prevent drowning without taking away from the look of your yard. Since they're made of clear glass, they allow you to see right through the fence, with minimal impact on the view. These fences typically use aluminum rails for support, but with proper planning, even these rails can be designed to blend in. Pick darker rails to blend into a darker home, or a dark natural stone patio. If your home or patio are lighter in color, pick tan or white rails to create a cohesive look with minimal interruption to your style.

Removable Mesh Fencing

If you have a fence around your yard, and you don't have kids, you may not need a separate pool fence all the time if it's not required by law in your area. In this case, consider a removable mesh pool fence, which can be easily erected and taken down by the homeowner without special tools or equipment. These fences are great for grandparents, who can put the fence up when grandchildren are visiting, then take it down when they leave. One thing to remember is that these fences only work when they are up, so it's critical to be diligent about putting them up anytime children could potentially be near the pool.

High-End Fences

While the cheapest pool fences are typically made of vinyl or chain-link, homeowners concerned about the view may find that it's worth the extra money to invest in a fence that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the yard rather than detracting from it. Consider traditional wrought iron, low-maintenance wood or aluminum fences in a variety of finishes and stains. If you go this route, work with a contractor experienced in designing pool fences who can help you create one that truly complements your landscape. 

Fencing Alternatives

While some states, like Florida, require pool fencing, others have more relaxed requirements, or none at all. In these areas, you may be able to improve the safety of your pool with alternative safety systems, including covers and alarms. These systems are beneficial because they improve pool safety with little to no impact on the look of your yard. Floating or bubble covers won't work; you'll need to invest in a rigid, hydraulic cover that automatically covers the entire pool with no room for a small child to slip inside. Consider combining a rigid cover with an underwater motion alarm or alarms on doors and windows to make your pool as safe as possible.