Unique Ways To Decorate Your Wooden Gate

If you have a wooden gate enclosing your yard, and you enjoy decorating in unique ways, consider using some of the following ideas to help make your gate the focal point of your fence. These ideas can be done on your own, giving you a fun project to try over a weekend. Here are a few fun ideas to consider when sprucing up a wooden gate in your yard.

Add Some Texture

Give your gate some texture by using a sponge along with paint. Start by painting your gate in a solid color of your choosing. Use a few other colors of paint to add the highlights to the gate. This is done by pouring each color into a small bowl and using a sponge to dab the color over the solid-colored gate.

Consider doing this to the edges only, leaving the middle of your gate door in a solid color. The textured areas will dress up the gate door, giving it a bit of character. The appearance will be that of a marbled surface and it will highlight the entryway. Paint the rest of your fence in the same solid color used in the middle of your gate.

Add Personalized Features

Purchase large wooden letters to spell out the last name of your family. These are found in craft stores in unfinished wood, and can be painted or stained depending on your preference. Color each wooden letter using a dark-colored stain or paint. Stain or paint your gate and fence in a lighter shade so the letters will be seen from afar. Nail the letters in a diagonal pattern across the front of your gate, giving you a whimsical way to show others who lives on the property. If you would rather, use smaller letters to spell out the first names of all family members and place them in separate corners or areas on the gate.

Add A Mural

If you know someone who paints landscape scenery, consider having them paint the front of your gate with a picturesque scene. The appearance when complete will make it look as if there is no gate door placed on your fence at all. Instead it will look as if someone had opened the gate and you are seeing the land contained within. Paint an animal or two into the scenery so that people fear they may escape if they do not close the door for you. This is a wonderful way to capture attention of others so that they notice your gate.

For more ideas on personalizing your wooden gate, see an expert at Morris Fence Co or other similar companies.