A Few Jolts Of Reality: Zapping The 3 Myths People Believe About Electric Fencing

There are 3 stubborn myths that people believe about electrified fencing. It's time for a few jolts of reality. Here are 3 false ideas about hot-wired fencing along with some of the reasons why they shouldn't be believed:

Myth # 1) Electric fencing is ugly.

Many people think of spartan, steel posts and thick, gray wires when they imagine electric fencing. Today, when you use electric fencing, your fences can look just like most other people's fencing if that's what you want. Whether you plan to build or already have post and rail, 4-board or woven wire fencing, electric fence wire can be used alongside these attractive fences. The electrified tapes come in wide widths that look nearly identical to board rails. They're available in black or white to match your wood post paint or stain.

You don't even have to change your landscape at all to use electric fence. You can enhance your open pastures by using temporary grazing fence kits. These include step-in, insulated posts, fence wire and battery-operated chargers. When your horse or other grazing animal eats down a patch of grass, you simply pull the posts out of the ground and move the fenced-in area to the next patch of pasture.

Rotating your pastures with temporary fencing keeps pastures trimmed and healthy without the risk of being overgrazed in certain areas. The temporary posts leave no lasting marks on the landscape, either. Do remember that this minimal setup should be used with caution, since it works best with easy-going animals that are trained to respect electric fences.

Myth #2) Horses get stressed in electrified fencing.

A recent study proves that horses do not get more stressed when they are housed in closures that are strung with electrified fence wire. The subject horses were allowed to roam in small and large, electrified and non-electrified paddocks. It's true that the horses didn't move around as much in the smaller pens, risk of shock or not, but there was no additional stress observed in the horses in the electrified areas.

To keep your horse stress free, give them lots of room to roam and install a good electric fence. Proper fencing reduces other stresses by offering protection from coyotes, other predators and collisions with vehicles due to escaped livestock.

Myth #3) Electric fencing is dangerous for children.

Electrified wire and tape can be installed in safe ways in spots where children may be playing close to a fence. One way to safeguard little ones is to install a secondary outer fence that is not electrified. Another method is to place the hot wire or tape on the side of the fence where animals are, while blocking off access on the children's side of the fence using fine wire mesh that fingers can't poke through.

Electric fencing has helped save lives over the years. Even the angriest mama cow or feral hog can be stopped with a working electric fence. One family even credits the shocks of an electric fence with saving their loved one's life after a brutal wreck. That may be stretching things a bit, but a sturdy, correctly-grounded livestock fence will keep your kids safe from harm.

Contact qualified fence contractors to install your electric fencing. They'll know exactly how to configure the wire, choose the correct-sized charger and ensure all of the grounding is safe. To learn more, contact a business like Kiwi Fencing Company, Inc.