Adding Privacy To Yoru Chain Link Fence That Also Looks Good

Many people decide to have chain link fencing put up around their yard, by a company like Elrod Fence Co, because they offer security and are virtually maintenance free. However, privacy can be a factor at some point if you decide you don't like the fact that people can see right through the fence into your house. Luckily, there are many options available when it comes to ways you can turn your chain link fence into a privacy fence. You can learn about a few of the privacy options in the information provided below.

Fence inserts

Fence inserts are generally made of a vinyl or aluminum, and they are long and flat pieces that slip through the links in the fencing. They can be installed going straight up and down or vertically, depending on the design you want. They are wide enough to cover most of the holes in the chain link to add privacy. You can find them in various colors and textures so you can also tie your fence into your homes exterior, if you choose to do this.


Windscreening is a lightweight covering that's made out of a black or dark green mesh material. This covering can be seen through, but it gives partial privacy since the images on the other side will appear more like shadows than clear images.


Lattice can offer you a bit of extra privacy and shade with a cross stitch type of design. The lattice covering can also be a good choice if you decide you want to have vines grow along and up your fence at some point in the future.

Bamboo rolled fencing

If you like the look of bamboo then you can go with bamboo rolled fencing. This is a covering that comes in a large roll. You will stand the bamboo on its end and roll it out the length of the fence and use ties to tie it to the chain link along the fence to keep it securely in place. The bamboo covers the fence to add privacy and can go well with certain types of landscaping, such as Japanese garden styles.

When you decide on the right addition for your chain link fence, you will be able to add the right amount of privacy you are looking for while giving your property a look you are pleased with. The right addition will leave you with a chain link fence that suits your needs in more ways than one.