4 Tips For Improving A Chain Link Fence For Dogs

A fence is a must if you want your dog to have the freedom to roam in your backyard unattended. Chain link fences are a durable option, but it's important that you take steps to make sure they are sufficient for keeping your pooch contained in the yard. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Check the Height

The most important aspect of any fence is to make sure that it is tall enough to keep your dog contained. Only you know how high your dog can easily jump, so make sure the fence is at least 1 foot taller than their jump. This will prevent them from hooking a paw over the top of the fence to pull themselves over. For dogs with high jumps, you can also try a fence design that slants inwards at the top, which makes it difficult for a dog to get over. Finally, opt for smaller chain link openings so your pup can't get their feet into the links to give themselves a boost.

Tip #2: Dog-Proof the Gate

One of the main keys to dog-proofing the gate is making sure the latch is one they can't accidentally operate. Slip over latches, that have to placed over a post, or a latch that requires turning, are your best options. Also, make sure that the gap between the gate and the support posts is narrow enough so your dog can't slip through. Finally, consider putting down a threshold beneath the gate. A narrow wooden or cement threshold makes it difficult for your dog to shimmy their way underneath a gate, especially for gates that set slightly higher than the fence.

Tip #3: Stop Digging

Some dogs work their way beneath a chain link fence by squeezing and digging. The first trick to stopping this is to have a bottom support bar on the fence. Not only does this keep the chain link more taut, it prevents your dog from lifting the fence. You can also install a length of buried fencing around the perimeter, which prevents your dog from digging out. A final option is to landscape around the fence with plants that keep your dog from getting too close to the fence line.

Tip #4: Add Some Privacy

Some dogs won't feel tempted to break out if they can't see what is on the other side. A bit of privacy can also help if your dog barks at everyone that walks by. Privacy slats are available in a range of colors. There are even slats available that resemble wood, bamboo, or even a leafy green hedge. These simply slip into the chain link, providing instant privacy.

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