How To Keep Your Dog From Becoming A Neighborhood Problem

If you have one or more dogs and close neighbors, then you should take all the necessary steps possible to prevent your dog from becoming a nuisance to your neighbors. Keep in mind that while you may feel that your dog is the best, most wonderful furry family member in the whole wide world to you, it can be nothing more than a huge problem to your neighbors. Your neighbors may even have a hatred for your dog and wish it ill will every time you let it out too long and they have to be woken up by its barking, each time they have to clean up after it knocks over their trash can, every time they step in a pile of feces that it has left in their yard or each time they fear it's going to run after them while they are trying to enjoy a morning walk and your dog is out loose again.

Why it's so important to be a conscientious dog owner

You never know what kind of people you are dealing with, and not properly containing your dog can lead to some serious issues. Dog problems have been known to start neighborhood fights, lead to lawsuits, lead to the police being called out, and lead to dogs ending up being taken away and even worse. Some people can become so fed up with a loose dg that they may even hurt it, or worse. As you can see, preventing your dog from becoming a problem t your neighbors is very important and it's simply the right thing to do. You wouldn't want to deal with a lot of problems from someone else's dog, so you should give back that same respect. Learn about some of the best types of fences to contain your dog in this article.

Brick wall

If you have a dangerous dog that you have many concerns over, then you may want to go with a brick wall. This will contain your dog, keep them from being able to get angered over people passing by and prevent the dog from escaping in the case of a bad storm capable of damaging wooden fences.

Wooden fence

If your dog barks when people walk by or if there is the chance that they will try to bite someone who gets too close to the fence, then you should go with a solid wooden fence. This way, they won't bark as much since they won't have as good of a view of what's going on. Also, they won't be able to reach through the fence to try to bite someone walking past your yard.

Chain link fence

If your dog simply wants to run, but isn't much of a barker, then you may get by with a chain link fence. This fence will keep the dog in your yard while allowing you to continue enjoying an unobstructed view of your area.

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