Trying To DIY Your Fence? Three Discoveries You'll Make That Fence Builders Already Know

A fence builder or fence contractor installs fences for a living. You are probably thinking, "Oh, that is not so hard!" Yet, installing a fence is not as easy as you think. Here are a few discoveries you will make about installing your own fence, which fence builders already know.

You Cannot Install Posts Without Concrete and Help

Some homeowners attempt to dig post holes for a fence and just shove the posts into the holes without concrete. That is a big, first-time mistake. Dirt alone will not keep the posts upright. The minute a big storm comes along, posts will tip over in any direction and your fence will be ruined. You have to use concrete to secure the posts in their post holes. It makes for a much stronger, more durable fence.

In addition to concrete, you need at least one extra body to hold the post in place until the concrete starts to set. At the very least, you need someone to hold the post until you can tether it tightly to four stakes in the ground that will keep the pole in the proper position until the concrete has fully set. There is no possible way for you to do this job alone.

You Need Sight Lines and Rope to Make a Straight Fence

To make a straight fence (and not one that bows or waves in and out!), you need sight lines made from rope and a few tall stakes. One stake starts at the very end/corner of the fence line. Each consecutive stake is placed directly in line with the first stake. The rope is tied tautly around each stake.

This is repeated until you get to the opposite end and next corner of your property. The purpose for this sight line is to make sure that each and every post and each and every fence panel remains straight and on your side of the property line. If you were to install any part of your fence over the property line, your neighbor could take you to court.

You Cannot Erect a Fence in the City Without a Permit

If you live in a city, or within the suburbs of a city, you are required to have a permit to erect a fence around your property. The problem is, most cities require that only a contractor request a permit. You still pay the permitting fees, but only a contractor can get the permit for you. Ergo, no DIY fencing project is ever truly DIY anyway, and you are better off hiring a contractor.

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