Getting A Wood Fence? Know How You Can Keep Pests Away From It

Love how a wood fence will look around your yard? If so, you also need to know how to keep it looking great. One problem with a wood fence is that pests can build nests in the material, which will cause the fencing material to become weak, break, or crack. Here are some tips for preventing pests from causing damage.

Trim Shrubs

One thing you need to continuously do over the year is make sure that the shrubs next to a fence have been trimmed and are not touching the fence. The reason for this is that pests love places that are shaded and are moist, and shrubs are going to provide for perfect conditions for both cases. The shrubs create a nice shade, which will trap the moisture against the fence. This causes the wood to become soft, making it easier for a pest to burrow through the wood. As long as you trim your shrubs, you should be able to prevent this problem from happening.

Adjust Sprinklers

While there is nothing you can do to stop the rain from coming down on your wood fence, you can limit the amount of water it is exposed to by adjusting your sprinklers. You will want to make sure that they do not turn too much and cover your fence with water. Over the summer with the sprinkler going off regularly on a timer, it can create that moist environment that pests love. All you need to do is adjust the sprinkler heads so that they don't continuously spray the wood.

If you are worried about your plants not getting enough water, know that it's more important for the soil to be wet than the leaves. Consider installing a water irrigation system so that just the soil stays moist.

Seal The Fence

The best line of defense pests is to keep the fencing material sealed. Be prepared to sand and stain the material from time to time, especially when the old coat of sealant wears off. You can tell if there is still a protective coat on the fence by sprinkling some water on a the material. A protective seal coat will cause the water to bead and roll off the surface, while a lack of a protective seal coat will cause the fence to absorb the water.

Looking for more ways to protect your fence from pests? Reach out to your local fencing contractor for assistance, or click here to learn more.